Make Your Home Stand Out in Pictures

How you present your home has a big impact when it comes to value. When potential buyers seek out new properties, the first things they will most likely look at are pictures. These images can present aesthetic qualities of a property, showing buyers if it is worthy of their time and money. Here at Prime Real Estate Photography, we can give your home its well-deserved value with just a simple click of our cameras. With our top-of-the-line photos, you can attract potential customers and give them more reasons to buy your property.

Highlighting the Beauty of Your Home

Our highly skilled photographers can capture the best angles of your home. We can focus on different features that will make your property the talk of all homebuyers. Our photos can bring glory to your property, making it appear as dazzling and magnificent as in reality. Our photographers have a keen eye for details—we take time capturing your home in its best light to give it a digital look like no other. Our team will focus on all points of interest to make your home aesthetically appealing, giving buyers no reason to decline any offer.

Offering Unparalleled Photography Services

Our team uses the latest devices for all shoots. We have sophisticated cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment to highlight different angles of your property. We go the extra mile when it comes to all services. We do not simply take pictures of your home—we bring life to it on print. We strive for convenience and efficiency at all times. Our real estate photographer finds ways to conduct all shoots at the most convenient time for clients so they will have time to prepare for the photo shoot.

Surpassing Amateur Photography Services

Our photographers do more than use a point-and-click technique when capturing real estate photos. We take time analysing what aspect of the home would look best on print and what features will bring it to the spotlight.

Take that award-winning shot with our team at Prime Real Estate Photography. Give us a call at 0424-412-235 or send your request to

Prime were recommended by friends who had recently sold their home in just 2 days! After checking out their photo's we decided that we had to have Prime take ours too! We were not disappointed, the photo's were absolutely stunning and definately helped us sell our home quickly in a difficult market. We sent them to the West Australian New Homes section to see if they were interested in doing a story on the home, they were, in fact they did 2, one article on the inside and one on the outdoor area!.......Paul Lanfear and Jo Meade, Quinns Rocks
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