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    Posted on April 2, 2012 by in Services

    When a real estate agent or vendor decides to take their own photographs, they will generally use a point and click camera and put very little thought into how the photo will look. Without having professional equipment such as a wide angle lense, powerful adjustable flash, manual camera control and experience, vital features of the property could be missed out or not given certain relevance, and there will certainly be no post processing made in order to further enhance the image. Ultimately, the image will look boring, un-professional and not stand out. For the buyer, when surfing real estate websites, they see home after home, property after property, and it will take something quite special to stand out from the crowd. That is until you see professional real estate photography.

    Properties that have been photographed professionally benefit in some of the following ways.

    1. Room composition is far superior. A professional will arrange a room and photograph it in such a way as to maximize its features. They may even use panoramic techniques in order to show the entire room.

    2. Lighting will be introduced that will give rooms the ambiance they deserve and the images will not seem flat as an amateurs would. It also creates a feeling of emotion, and once a buyer’s emotions are triggered, making the sale becomes much easier.

    3. The outside of the property will be photographed to enhance its best features and gardens and so forth will come alive. The outside of the property is perhaps the most important photo of all as this is likely to grab a potential buyer’s interest before anything else.

    A professional real estate photographer has a far greater chance of capturing a buyers attention and emotions than an amateur photographer would. It’s these emotions that will lead the buyer to making contact with the agent to have a viewing and then it becomes the agents job to nurture these emotions in order to complete the sale. In these difficult times, different selling and marketing techniques need to be applied in order to gain the attention of the few buyers out there and professional real estate photography is a great way to accomplish this.

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