• Why Real estate Photography?

    Posted on June 27, 2012 by in Articles

    You’ve heard the saying, “a picture tells a thousand words”? It’s very true, especially in the real estate market and more so in these hard economic times where selling a house is extremely difficult.

    Having great real estate photography could mean the difference between a sale and a non sale. It could also mean the difference between getting your asking price or not. It’s interesting to look on the internet and see how real estate is marketed around the western world. In countries such as France, it is very common to see just one image on an average property, and that image generally does nothing to enhance the property at all. It’s no great surprise to learn that France’s real estate sales have slumped and property prices have gone down by up to 50% of their value compared to just five years ago. Of course, this isn’t just down to poor photography, but it highlights how poorly marketed properties struggle to find any interest, let alone sales. In countries such as the UK, US and now Australia, marketing techniques are far superior and the quality of photography is much better also.

    The overall appearance of your home can make a big difference when it comes to price. When it comes to aesthetic qualities, pictures are among the first things customers will evaluate. At Prime Real Estate Photography, we can help give value to your home with just a few clicks of our cameras. Using our high quality photos, your customers can better assess their options and break through the clutter when determining properties to visit.

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