Twilight Photography

In the current slow economy, the real estate business has been hit very hard. It truly is a buyers market out there and properties for sale really need to stand out if they are to be considered by a buyer. To this end, it is highly advantageous to have extremely good photographs taken of the property, highlighting its positive features. And it’s also a fantastic idea to present the property slightly differently too.

One such way of doing this is via twilight photography. A property can really come alive with this type of photograph.

What is twilight photography? Basically, it’s photography of the property in that time between daylight and darkness. It does a lot to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the property, and can also bring out emotions that wouldn’t be there in the day time. Some stunning shots and results can be created using this technique and it will make the property stand out from others. Some more advantages of twilight photography are that it will show the property in a different light (pardon the pun) to the daylight shoot. Most people view properties during the day, and so will miss what the property has to offer at night time.

Twilight photography shows external lights on the house, any lighting in the garden and also shows how the property feels at that time of day. When taking twilight shots, apart from the camera itself, the most important peice of equipment required will be a tripod. The shutter is going to be open for several seconds and so it needs to be perfectly still. When setting up the shot, generally you would want all external lights on and all interior lights on as well. Do not draw any curtains or blinds and any garden lights need to be on as well. This will normally provide the best image and show off the properties nocturnal features. For internal shooting, it’s a great idea to do this after the external twilight shots, keeping lights on in the rooms and hopefully capturing the deep blue light of the fading light outside. And of course these shots are going to capture the evening feel of the property as well, conveying how it will feel at these times.

Hillarys Marina Twilight Photography Perth

Twilight photography for real estate really helps to capture the mood and provide unique and attention grabbing images that will draw a buyers eyes to the property. Not enough agents market their properties in this way, and so it is a pretty simple and effective way to make a property stand out from others and provide buyers with something extra to see and to think about – what the property looks like and how it feels once the day has ended and they are relaxing in their new home.

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